Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Our First Step Out Of The Boat!

Despite a few previous toe dipping moments, last week we stepped out of the boat and got our feet wet! Christian Broadband exhibited at the Ministers Fellowship Europe conference at the newly opened Cathedral House in Huddersfield. Myself and Christian Broadband MD Tim Longton are part of the congregation at Huddersfield Christian Fellowship and after joining in with a weekend of incredible events to mark the opening of Cathedral House, we met with hundreds of other like minded Christians from all over the world to worship the Lord, learn more about him and attempt to 'Break Through The Boundaries' as was the theme of the conference!

For CBBL, the MFE conference was our first real opportunity of getting out and letting people know that there is an inexpensive, ethical way to surf the internet, free of guns, drugs, violence, pornography and most of the other unhelpful things
that can so easily distract and tempt people from following the path of Jesus.

We were met with an amazing response. The pastors and church elders that we met with agreed that in particular internet pornography is one area that Christian Men are constantly tempted with and although the accountability software that is widely available can act as a deterrent, it's easy to disable and doesn't actually prevent you from looking at porn on your computer. Our CleanWeb filter blocks over a billion nasty links, images and websites and we work very hard to keep the Clean Web data base constantly updated. It's important to be accountable to another Christian Brother, but it's important to remove the temptations from your life.

It was good to meet new friends, make contacts, pray for and encourage other Christians and to let people know what we do and what we are passionate about.

If you don't have enough faith to step out of the boat, you'll miss out on what God has planned for your life.

Go on, get your feet wet!
God Bless You,
Andie Laidlaw